Jacob Rush
Design, Product
San Francisco, California

Bel Air


A tribute to
an American

Step into an era of bold curves and refined craftsmanship. The Bel Air melds two bygone American pastimes – classic cars and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Form Study
Hood and Headlights. The curvature unifying the hood and cylindrical headlights is viewed as as one of the most iconic forms on the Bel Air, as well as in 50's car culture at large.

Fin. The Bel Air’s fin comprises a sweeping, striped, metallic plate. This trademarked form is the automobile's most enduring acclaim – becoming an emblem of 50’s car culture.

Side Profile. The rounded side profile is sharply accented by a metallic stripe beginning at the headlights and ending at the fin. The triad of ‘gills’ located directly above this metallic strip further emphasize the automobile’s attention to detail.

Finding fluidity in form