Jacob Rush
Design, Product
San Francisco, California

Shaping product & crafting interfaces


I’m a product-centric designer with experience across early stage and big tech. I’ve steered product strategy, crafted interfaces, and formed brand identities.

I came to the world of design with a passion for product and entrepreneurship. I loved imagining, and viewed design as a tool to demonstrate my imagination.

I no longer view design as purely demonstration – but rather a process of continuous discovery and iteration. An elevation of existing situations into preferred ones. In this way, I believe anyone can practice design: a hedge fund rebalancing a portfolio, or a professional golfer tweaking their backswing.

For myself, my passion still lives within entrepreneurship and product. But now, I come at it with a different approach – one that views design as an inseparable partner from product. My work floats across both functions with one guiding principle: design without product is decorative; product without design is uninspiring.

Poggio Labs
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Multi Cloud Data as a Service
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Brand Identity
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Notre Dame
Bel Air
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Self Employed Designer

Freelancing. Consulting with early stage and entrepreneurs on product, design, and branding

Product Designer

Design lead for an EPD triad with 5 engineers. Generated design artifacts from wireframes to prototypes. Drove product strategy as an interim product lead, owning PRDs and roadmap for product vertical.

Product Designer, Product Manager

Product design and research lead for SAP Multi Cloud. Designed solutions integrating workflows from AWS, GCP, and Azure. Managed product roadmaps, backlog, and other agile documentation.

Lead Product Designer

Lead designer for a social services marketplace on iOS. Received funding from the City of South Bend after standing up a proof of concept.